Opportunities for Travel

Students will want to have a valid passport because, at least once before graduating, each student will have the opportunity to travel with their classmates to some of the lands spoken of in the Urantia Book such as Israel, Rome, Alexandria, Cyprus and perhaps Ephesus and Lake Van, if it is safe to do so. Students may also have opportunities to travel to and present at conferences in the United States, Canada, Central and South America, Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, India, the Pacific Rim and the Far East.

Experiencing first-hand how others relate to the Urantia Book teachings will hopefully give each student a better understanding of the many different approaches and beliefs that differing peoples from around the country and around the world will have in connecting to this new revelation of truth.

It is imagined that as we all progress through our local universe training spheres and someday stand before Michael on Salvington, we will encounter many fellow ascending sons who may ask us about the lands whereon Jesus lived his seventh bestowal. Therefore, the Boulder School would like to provide each student with at least one aspect of that experience while they are attending school. And from experience, those of us who have stood on the Mount of Olives and looked out over Jerusalem, can honestly say it will be memorable!