“What is now most needed is Jesus. The world needs to see Jesus living again on earth in the experience of spirit-born mortals who effectively reveal the Master to all men.”

Paper 195, Section 10, P1

The Boulder School is a place where committed students of The Urantia Book come together in community to study the Papers on a full-time basis so that they can go out into the world as teachers and way-showers of the true gospel of Jesus and nurture the dissemination of the 5th epochal Revelation.

The Boulder School Might Be For You If…

You’ve successfully completed your first (or second) career, and you are ready to do something of meaning and purpose with the next phase of your life. You are ready to serve.

You’re disillusioned with the grind, and you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself and more fulfilling than the quest for material success. You want to make a difference.

You’re young and searching, and you know you are called to a spiritual life; one guided by the wisdom you’ve found in the Urantia Book. You want to build your life on religious truth.

The Boulder School is guided by its commitment to assist each student to become more deeply aware of the nature of the ministry that is the Heavenly Father’s will in your life and to provide the necessary elements to become the person capable of fulfilling that mission. To accomplish this preparation for ministry, the program has been designed to include the following elements:

Intensive, Facilitated Study

As a student at The Boulder School, you will gain a comprehensive and deep knowledge of The Urantia Book, including its correlation with the studies of science, philosophy and religions of today. This knowledge, garnered through intensive and systematic study, provides the basis for understanding which, in a balanced personality, can unify your experience and ripen into wisdom enabling you as a student to become a more effective minister of the Revelation. In addition, you will be invited to participate in local, regional, national and international Urantia Book related conferences and events, where you can join in community with readers from all over the world.

Personal Spiritual Growth

Closer contact with the spirit within is an absolute prerequisite for enlarged opportunities for service on Urantia. While the school cannot directly enhance communication with the thought adjuster, it can provide you with an environment of guided study and mentorship specifically designed to foster this essential wisdom. The fruits of the spirit are our only credentials when we go forth to minister to others, and at The Boulder School, we are committed to attending to their cultivation within you.

Practical Experience Through Service

One of the hallmarks of the present universe age is personal experience. The Boulder School believes that preparation for higher levels of service, knowledge and spiritual insight must be augmented with practical experience. If you seek to become born again of the spirit, and become more loyal, humble, sincere, just, and patient, you must do so within the context of practical experience through service. As a student at The Boulder School, you will have the opportunity for both practical experience and service as part of the school’s Service Corps. You’ll work side by side with fellow students and readers garnering the kind of experience only serving others as Jesus served can provide.