About The Boulder School

The Boulder School was founded in 1982 by John Hay and Merritt Horn. Between 1982 and 1988, the school served 114 students many of whom have remained in the area and become an integral part of the religiously diverse and spiritually vibrant Boulder community.

It has been said that, “there is a time and place for everything under heaven,” and The Boulder School certainly reflects this truth.

First Baptist Church of Boulder

Classes are held in The First Baptist Church, one of Boulder’s many historic churches and places of worship.

While the mission and purpose of the school remained steadfast in the heart of its founders and many of its graduates, the opportunity for the school to again open its doors to students would not be realized until now. We are excited that 2017 marks the time for The Boulder School to once again welcome and serve you as a committed reader and student of the Revelation!

The curriculum of study is both comprehensive and life-changing and is presented over 9 trimesters (just under three years). During that time, you will gain a deeper understanding of The Urantia Book including a broader and practical knowledge of the interface between these supernal teachings and evolutionary religion, philosophy, science and history.

You will be challenged by faculty as well as your fellow students to “dig deep” and discover how you can live and apply the teachings in your day to day life. In your time at the school, you will become so well versed and confident in the Urantia Book that you will be able to use this revelation as a ‘tap root’ to anchor your life and your ministry and to provide you with a sense of confidence and clarity, as the next phase of your life unfolds.

The Boulder School will also provide you with a unique opportunity to study with Urantia Book scholars, both visiting and local, as well as be mentored by other long time students. Through these relationships, you can gain insight and understanding into the personal nature of this new revelation, and cultivate lifelong relationships with other members of our Urantia Book family.

Classes are scheduled to be held at The First Baptist Church, one of Boulder’s many historic churches and places of worship.